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Our Mission 

The mission of The Princess Codes is to increase access to coding education, and emphasize its application to a variety of modern fields and professions.

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A Letter from Suditi 

In today's society, people tend to believe that there is only one kind of person who can and should learn to code. The field is stereotyped, and this makes those who don't fit the archetype feel as if they can't learn the basics of computer science.


The Princess Codes works to enforce the idea that everyone is capable of learning to code and that coding is a tool to be utilized in every profession and industry. The name Princess Codes emphasizes this idea because a princess is the opposite of the kind of person society tends to associate with coding. However, even she can and should learn languages such as Python and Java to improve and revolutionize her duties.


As a premed student, people often ask me why I am a Data Science major. The reason comes back to the mission of this organization. The ability to code is deeply applicable to the healthcare field, and I hope to use my coding knowledge throughout my journey to becoming a doctor. 


In each Princess Codes camp/course, we strive to introduce students to the world of coding and allow them to see the broad applications and connections to other fields.


Suditi Shyamsunder, Co-


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