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What's In The Name The Princes[s] Codes

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

When you hear the name The Princes[s] Codes, your first thought may be that this organization is all about girls, only for girls, and focused only on superficial attributes. Contrary to common belief, and beyond the surface, princesses teach young girls to be strong and brave, in addition to teaching young boys to be respectful and kind. The brackets surrounding the last "s" in princess show how the name includes princes as well as princesses. Without the "s", the name of the organization reads The Princes Codes, because this organization is not only about celebrating the strength of girls, but also about making sure that boys understand this strength and, in turn, treat all girls like princesses.

The logo created for The Princes[s] Codes is a purple crown. Purple is the color that signifies royalty but, in this case, it also holds a deeper meaning. If you mix pink and blue, which are the colors traditionally associated with the genders, then you get a purple. This color is displayed in our logo to show that at the Princess Codes, girls and boys are learning to treat each other with respect as if they are indeed royalty.

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